Driven Wild Boar

Driven hunts are done between October and end of February. The driven hunting style is the same as the commonly practiced hunting style in Europe. Trackers and hunting dogs pressure the wild boars into moving towards a line of hunters. The boars pass a line parallel to the hunters, allowing hunters to inspect the animal and aim more easily. To ease this process, we do not do Monteria style driven hunts with many dogs. Our 32 years of experience have shown us that not using many dogs is the best adopted style for hunts in Turkey.



A valid passport or ID is required. Our organization will take care of all other formalities and procedures such as obtaining a hunting license provided by Turkish authorities, bringing in arms, etc. You can hunt in Turkey with your rifle ,european rifle pass permits exiting Europe territory and is accepted in Turkey.



Iliada Hotel is located at the heart of our hunting territories, has 28 rooms equipped with televisions, telephones, private bathrooms with bathtubs and hair dryers. You will be served dinner in the hotel’s hunting room, so you can enjoy a great ambiance after the hunt. This room is exclusive to our hunters. The walls are decorated with many trophies. The bar and superb fireplace are at your service to help you forget your fatigue after the day. You will enjoy meals from the excellent traditional Turkish and Eastern cuisines. The meals are varied and hearty, they are designed to please many with different palates. The hotel staff will always be at your service, and will do their best to fulfill your needs and desires.


The strong points

-Nature Tours is the first organization in Turkey to organize driven hunts for foreign visitors.

-The animals are entirely natural and wild.

-High density of wild boars.

-No taxes for male boars.

-No limit on quantity that you can hunt or the length of tusks (except for females boars over 50 kilograms on driven hunt)

-Ability to hunt with your own rifle.

-The adult male boars are natural with great tusks -Beautiful, picturesque landscapes.

-Perfectly run organization since 1985 wıth a perfect experience.

-Experienced and brave trackers.

-We own and train our own hunting dogs.

-Great accommodation in a mountain hotel (

-Hearty, well prepared meals.

-Good ratio of price and quality.

-Chance of encountering animals other than wild boars.

-Hunts of high quality, as well as high quantity.

-Diners served in a hunting trophies decorated special hunting room wıth a good fireplace.